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Why Us?

Quality Assurance Program

  • Established a documented quality management
  • System for the planned and systematic control of our services.
  • Aldon Group’s quality system satisfies the requirements of ISO 9000 series and our factory had been awarded ISO 9001.
  • To ensure the services meet our customer’s requirements, specific quality procedures can developed.
  • These specific quality procedures will be formerly
  • Reviewed annually but revised when necessary for changes in the service requirement. Any changes in the quality procedures will only be made with the customer’s agreement.

Excellent Value-Added Service

  • Undisputed Service Commitment
  • Full Adaptability to Meet Customer’s Needs
  • Bring Value Added Technology to Improve Customer’s Process
  • Develop Process Solution For Yield and Throughput Improvement With Customer
  • Integrated Solution & Products
  • Proven & Well Established Alternative Source to Reduce CoO
  • Inventory Management

Our Products





Our Services

Plasma Coating


Arc spray

Chemical Cleaning

Surface Texturing

CIP Success Stories

Our Continuous Improvement Projects (CIP) and Services #3

Repair (Quartz Belljar)
• Cost savings through kit life extension by re-designing the tubes

YF3 Plasma Coating Particles<15nm Technology node
• Improve overall chamber performance and stability

Chemours cooling agent for Themal Chiller
• Carbon reduction

Green energy for SubFab
• Efficient energy management for cooling system

Novellus Vector Mechanically Fastened Showerhead
• Improved Flatness
• Improved Mechanical Stability – No Thermal Stress
• Cleanliness – No particles from Welding